Angela Mann


A social phenomena, has provided me a lifetime of passionate goals through entrepreneurship, fashion research and empowerment. As fashion is a reflection of our identity, a mirror of our hopes, dreams, creativity and well-being, it becomes a part of our society for life.

The advent of globalization and mega fashion shows held in many nations across the world, such as France, Italy, USA, United Kingdom and Japan, has not yet captured this unique, creative and inspiring fashion Industry of Brazil. My studies lead me to a nation that is thriving domestically in the fashion markets of Brazil. However, their expansion and growth into the USA and International markets will be ongoing, a reality that has not yet achieved its greatest potential.

Brazilians are truly passionate about fashion. Their domestic brands and designers are extremely creative, well informed, trendy and unique with a cultural characteristic along with standards of quality first, which surpasses all of the above.

My passion and focus, is to expand the Brazilian Fashion Industry to the American Market and to the International World, through a unique and proprietary business platform that will further develop these brands and designers, while capturing the best of moments to come.

By Angela R Mann
Founder of New York Fashion Trade Inc. – NYFT